Privacy Policy of KOtact

- KOtact(hereinafter referred to as "the Company") operates the MyKN website (www.makeyourkoreanname.com) which provides the MyKN service (Korean name creation service).

- This page is used to provide visitors with information about the policy regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information when using the MyKN website.

- By deciding to use the MyKN service, you agree to the collection and use of information as described in this policy. The collected personal information will be used for the provision and improvement of the service.

- We will not use or share the collected information for purposes other than those described in this privacy policy or with third parties.

- The Company does not judge whether the information provided (last name, first name, gender, date of birth, city, country, email) is true or false, and provides the MyKN service based on the information provided.

- It is hereby notified that the individual is responsible for any consequences resulting from the provision of false information when receiving the service results.

1. General Provisions

1) Personal information refers to information about a living individual that can identify the person, including but not limited to name, email address, etc. (including information that can identify a specific individual by easily combining it with other information, even if it cannot identify the individual by itself).

2) The Company takes measures to make the privacy policy easily accessible to members by disclosing it at the bottom of the first page of the website (www.makeyourkoreanname.com).

3) The Company has established procedures for revising the privacy policy to continuously improve it, and when revising the privacy policy, it posts the revised content on the website's notice board to make it easily recognizable to members.

2. Items and Collection Methods of Personal Information

The Company collects the minimum necessary personal information below to provide the service.
Required Information: Information necessary to perform the essential functions of the service.

1) Items of personal information collected
① Required input items when issuing a name card
- Name (last name/first name), gender, date of birth, country, city, email
② Information automatically generated and collected during the use process or business processing process
- Service usage records, access logs, access IP information, usage suspension records

2) Collection methods Information is collected
- through website input and the use of cookies.

3. Consent to Collection of Personal Information

The company has established a procedure whereby you can click on a checkbox with the meaning of "consent" regarding the collection and use of personal information for MyKN or the terms of use.
Checking the checkbox will be deemed as consenting to the collection of personal information. In the case of collecting personal information from children under 14 years of age, we obtain the consent of their legal guardian.
We may request minimal information from the legal guardian, such as their name and contact information.

4. Collection and Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The specific purposes for which MyKN collects personal information items are as follows, and the company does not collect sensitive personal information (such as race and ethnicity, ideology and belief, political inclination and criminal record, health status, and sexual activity) that may infringe upon the basic rights of members.

1) Personal information required for providing naming services
① Required input information
- Name (last name/first name), gender, date of birth, city, country: Used for self-identification procedures necessary for using MyKN services
- Email: Used for self-identification procedures necessary for using the service. Also used for securing a smooth communication channel for notification, confirmation of the member's intentions, complaints handling, as well as for introducing new services and events related to the company and MyKN, verifying the suitability of participants in events or prize giveaways, and securing shipping information
- Under 14 years of age: Necessary to restrict service usage for those under 14 years of age without the consent of their legal guardian

2) Automatically generated and collected information
- For the purposes of managing the quality of MyKN services, verifying and preventing improper usage (such as identity theft and hacking of member information), and including statistics and analysis of service usage records, the company may collect the following automatically generated information related to service usage records:
- Cookies, service usage records, device information, access logs, access IP information, access date and time, and usage suspension records, etc.

5. Installation/Operation and Refusal of Personal Information Automatic Collection Devices

MyKN operates cookies that constantly store and retrieve users' information.
Cookies are small text files less than 4KB that are sent to the user's computer automatically when accessing the MyKN site and stored on the user's computer hard drive.

1) Purpose of using cookies
Cookies are used to provide personalized and customized services by storing and retrieving users' information. When a user visits the website, the website server reads the cookie stored on the user's device to maintain the user's preferences and provide customized services. Cookies help users access and use the website in the settings they have chosen. They are also used to provide optimized advertisements and other personalized information based on the user's website visit history and usage patterns.

2) Installation/Operation and Refusal of Cookies
Users have the option to allow or refuse cookie installation, and can do so by changing their cookie settings in the "Settings > Privacy > Cookies and other site data" path on their web browser. However, if users refuse cookie installation, it may cause inconvenience in using the website, and some necessary services, including login and MyKN usage, may become difficult to use.

6. Unauthorized Use, Provision to Third Parties, and Sharing

1) The company and MyKN must use the user's personal information within the scope notified under "Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information," and must not exceed the scope or provide it to others or other companies or institutions.

2) For the use beyond the scope of 1), the company will notify users of such use and obtain consent through the online homepage (http://www.makeyourkoreanname.com) and send individual notifications via email or other means at least 7 days in advance. If the company transfers or inherits the right to provide online services, it must proceed with personal information transfer only through an active consent method (consent for providing and sharing personal information with third parties).

3) The following are exceptions:
① When a government agency requests information for investigation purposes in accordance with relevant laws
② When providing advertisers, partner companies, or research organizations with information that cannot identify specific individuals for statistical analysis, academic research, or market research purposes
③ When there is a request following procedures set forth by relevant laws
④ Even in exceptional cases, if information is provided under relevant laws or at the request of investigative agencies, the company follows the principle of notifying the relevant party. However, in some cases, it may be impossible to notify the relevant party due to legal reasons.

7. Destruction and Separate Storage of Personal Information

The procedure and method of destroying personal information collected through MyKN are as follows.

1) Procedure of Destruction
① Information entered by members for service use is transferred to a separate DB (or a separate document box in the case of paper) after the purpose is achieved, and is stored for a certain period of time according to internal policies and other relevant laws and regulations on information protection reasons before being destroyed.
② Personal information transferred to a separate DB will not be used for purposes other than those held without legal reasons.

2) Method of Destruction
① Personal information stored in electronic files is deleted using technical methods that cannot reproduce the records.
② Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration.
③ Information is destroyed after being stored for a maximum of 4 years from the date of input, or upon request for destruction.

8. Technical and Administrative Measures for Personal Information Protection

1) Technical Measures for Personal Information Protection
① The company is committed to ensuring the safety of personal information handled in the course of its operations and has implemented the following technical measures to prevent the loss, theft, leakage, alteration or damage of personal information
② The company uses devices to block external intrusion and prevent the leakage of personal information in preparation for hacking and other external attacks. In particular, servers containing members' personal information are maintained at a high level of security.
③ The company has established a system for backing up systems and data in preparation for contingencies.

2) Administrative Measures for Personal Information Protection
To ensure the safety of personal information handled in the course of its operations, the company has implemented the following administrative measures to prevent the loss, theft, leakage, alteration or damage of personal information
① The company restricts access to members' personal information to the minimum necessary personnel. The minimum necessary personnel include
- Those who perform marketing tasks directly targeting members
- Those who perform personal information management tasks, such as the personal information management officer and managers
- Other personnel who need to handle personal information in the course of their work
② The company provides regular in-house training and external outsourced education on new security technologies, obligations related to personal information protection, and other related matters for employees who handle personal information.
③ The company has established internal procedures for monitoring compliance with the personal information handling policy and employees' compliance through the security pledge of all new employees to prevent information leakage caused by human error and to ensure the confidentiality of personal information.
④ The transfer of duties for personnel handling personal information is conducted strictly with the maintenance of security, and the company clearly defines responsibility for personal information incidents after employment or resignation.
⑤ The company is not responsible for incidents caused by members' mistakes or basic internet risks. Each member is responsible for managing their ID and password appropriately to protect their personal information.
⑥ In the event of the loss, leakage, alteration or damage of personal information caused by the mistakes of internal administrators or technical management, the company will promptly inform members of the facts and take appropriate measures and compensation.

9. Link Sites

The company may provide links to other companies' websites or materials for members, but since the company has no control over external sites and materials, it does not assume responsibility or guarantee the usefulness of the services or materials provided by them.
When a member clicks on a link provided by the company and moves to a page on another site, the privacy policy of the newly visited site is unrelated to the company, so the member must check the policy of the newly visited site.

10. Member's Obligations

1) Members must enter their personal information accurately and keep it up to date, and they are responsible for any accidents that occur due to inaccurate information entry, and if they enter false information, such as using someone else's information, their ID may be restricted.

2) Members must comply with the obligation to protect their own information and not infringe on the information of others, along with the right to protect their personal information. Members should take measures to prevent their personal information from being leaked and not damage the personal information of others, including their posts. If the above responsibilities are not fulfilled or if the integrity of others' information is damaged, the member may be punished under the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc."

11. Collection of Opinions and Complaints Handling

1) The company values members' opinions and members have the right to receive sincere responses at all times when questions arise.

2) The company operates a customer center for smooth communication with members.

3) The company strives to enable members to use the site safely, and in the event of an accident that violates the privacy policy, the personal information management officer is responsible for all responsibilities, but the company is not responsible for any information damage caused by unexpected accidents due to the characteristics of hacking networks or disputes caused by posts written by visitors. The person in charge of handling members' personal information is as follows, and we will promptly and sincerely respond to inquiries related to personal information.

<Personal Information Management Staff>
Name: Eunji Jang
Email: eungdi@kotact.com
Phone number: +82-70-4895-0454