For those who want to make their Korean language learning more diverse, pay attention to these items!!!

2023-06-15 11:01:02

We have prepared this for you,
as someone who is interested in Korean ????

???? MyKN has previously conducted a survey on the MyKN website

to gather your opinions

on Hangeul(Korean alphabet) items that you are interested in.

Based on your feedback, We have selected three products

 stamp / sticker / keyboard sticker

1️⃣ Hangeul consonant&vowel stamps

????you can not only use them on paper
but also stamp them on clothes
to create your own personalized T-shirts!

The stamp consists of
14 consonants and 10 vowels,
and with them,
all Hangeul can be expressed
2️⃣ Hangeul Sticker

????Decorate your Korean name !!

It is composed of various colors ranging from pastel tones to primary colors, so please combine your desired colors and use them!

With Korean stickers, you can decorate your Korean name or the names of your favorite K-pop idols.
It can be used in various places
such as diaries and phones.
3️⃣ Hangeul Keyboard Sticker

????Do you want a Korean Keyboard?

Are there any people who want to use a Korean keyboard?

If you attach Korean keyboard stickers to your own keyboard, you can use it as a Korean keyboard!

????Black and White???? colors are available,
so please purchase according to the color of your keyboard!

????Although the quality may not be perfect,

 these items allow for diverse applications of the Hangeul.

Please make good use of them.

If you show interest, we can soon come up with better quality products

that can be more helpful to you!

???? This is the opinion of MyKN manager

????‍???? Maia: "We're not trying to sell this to make a profit!"

We offer Hangeul items at an affordable price that covers the shipping cost, hoping that those who need Hangeul items can make good use of them. Of course, the quality of the items we provide is not that great, but it's still worth using them at this price!


???? Kaki : "I recommend Hangeul stickers!"

They are written in handwriting style, and you can combine desired characters to decorate various items like diary, card, and phone. The stickers come in various colors, ranging from pastel colors to primary colors, so you can decorate according to your preferences.

You can purchase these items at the Shopee ????
To be continued

Are you curious about what kind of product it is?

Please look forward to it!????