2023-01-13 15:49:49

Do you want a Korean name? 

You can get your Korean name!


107,076 people from all over the world have already made their Korean names in MyKN.  (23.01.13)

MyKN is not a random

1. MyKN uses over 70,000 name databases named directly by Korean managers, and Korean managers are still making Korean names.

2. If you fill your (last&first name, gender, date of birth, country, cityemail) in MyKNMyKN will match the best name for you.

3. MyKN will choose a name that suits you.

4. MyKN will issue your Name Card. You can share this Name Card on your SNS.

 The MyKN system uses all of your information and makes the best name for you.

1. Make a Korean name with the most similar pronunciation to your original name and review the meaning of this name at the same time.

2. MyKN considers a name that suits you depending on your gender.

3. MyKN considers a name suitable for your age.

4. MyKN considers the appropriate name for your country and city.

If there is no appropriate name for you in the database,

   MyKN will make your own name and send it to your email.